Eckert Seamans is a firm of diverse practice groups who work collaboratively across our offices to develop solutions for companies developing or utilizing AI technology. We have represented companies in these industries by providing advice in the following areas:

  • Corporate & Commercial Litigation
  • Cybersecurity, Data Security, and Privacy
  • Insurance/Risk Management
  • Regulatory/Government Affairs
  • Intellectual Property/Software Technology & Licensing
  • Aviation & Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Transportation/Public Transit
  • Telecommunications
  • Health Care
  • Labor/Employment and Employee Benefits
  • Municipal Law & Governance
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety
  • Alternative Energy/Renewables & Clean Technology

Our primary focus is on providing these services to meet the needs of robotics/software engineering companies developing AI technology and manufacturers that employ this technology in the automotive, trucking, rail, aviation, agricultural, and maritime industries as well as manufacturing companies using AI/robotic technology in the medical device, pharmaceutical, health care, consumer product, food product, and industrial product, chemical and heavy industries.

To learn more, please visit our practice group page on the firm’s website.