In what appears to be a first, the city of Yuma, Arizona, has announced that it will host a free seminar on TV and over the internet regarding autonomous vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles 101: Education for Yuma and Surrounding Communities. The seminar is being sponsored by the city, Yuma County, Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation, and the Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization. National, state, and local experts will discuss key aspects of the autonomous vehicles economy, as well as policy and infrastructure preparations that communities can make today to prepare for the arrival of self-driving technologies.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • The Changing Nature of Transportation — Shared, Electric, Connected and Autonomous
  • The AV Situation in Arizona: The View From ADOT and the Governor’s Office
  • The Implications of the AV Economy for Yuma City and Towns in Yuma County
  • How the Siemens-anyCOMM project (the City of Yuma has dual agreements with Siemens and anyCOMM to provide infrastructure for autonomous vehicle to this region) can underpin an Autonomous Vehicle-Supportive Infrastructure

With autonomous vehicles reality on the rise, this type of educational event is not only beneficial, but absolutely mandatory for autonomous vehicles to become part of the “real world.” One of the main barriers for autonomous vehicles, beyond things such as the lack of federal regulation, is the lack of trust and acceptance of these vehicles by the public. Currently there are countless misconceptions about autonomous technology by the public, which has led to distrust and lack of willingness to use or even try the technology. By providing educational events for the public relating accurate information will go a long way to breakdown the barrier of public mistrust of autonomous vehicles, helping to smooth the path to autonomous vehicles on our roadways.

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