A wealth of information is available that discusses the intersection of artificial intelligence and the law.  Most people are familiar with the nearly ubiquitous examples of artificial intelligence in daily life such as Siri and the Amazon Echo.

Most lawyers are familiar with existing applications of artificial intelligence such as “computer assisted review”, sometimes called predictive coding, that allows for the review of large volumes of documents in a manner that is often faster and more accurate and less expensive than using only human review of documents.  See, e.g., a Delaware Court of Chancery decision, nearly requiring attorneys to consider that form of high-tech document review.

The confluence of artificial intelligence and corporate governance will require increasing attention.  For example, a venture capital firm reportedly attempted to “appoint” an artificial intelligence program as a member of the board of directors of a company.  That action, however, conflicts with a provision in the Delaware General Corporation Law at Section 141(b) that requires board members to be “natural persons.”

Another example of AI applied to the practice of law was explained in a recent article in Forbes, which described work performed by LawGeex, whose automated contract review platform answered questions about whether a non-disclosure agreement should be signed. The accuracy of that review was determined to be faster and better than the review of the same agreements by “human lawyers.”

Thomson Reuters has a website devoted to AI topics, and explains that AI is not a single technology. It combines a number of different technologies that are applied to different functions through various applications.  They provide examples of existing applications of AI in the practice of law such as:

  • legal research
  • litigation strategy analytics
  • online legal services, and
  • analysis of prior decisions by particular judges to assist in the prediction of how that particular judge would decide a particular issue.

We hope to provide more examples on these pages in the weeks to come about the intersection of law and AI.